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Sahaabi Musab Bin Omair

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته This is a man of the companions of Muhammad as the most beautiful to begin by

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Sahaabi Musab Bin Omair

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This is a man of the companions of Muhammad as the most beautiful to begin by talking.

Suddenly boys Quraish, and Oovahm beautiful, and young ..

Historians and narrators describes his youth say: "The people of Mecca Oattr" ..

Born in grace, and fed them, and grew up under the Khmailha.

Perhaps it was not among the boys Mecca nail pampering parents as much as they nail him, "Musab al-Amir bin" ..

The boy-Rayyan, spoiled Moneim, Hassan modern Mecca, and Pearl symposia and boards, thicker than the legend of faith and sacrifice ..?

God, what Oruah of news .. News "Musab al-Amir bin", or "Musab al-Khair" as his title among the Muslims.

It is one of those who Saghm Islam and brought up "Mohammed" peace be upon him ..

But no one was ..?

The story of his life is an honor for all mankind ..

I have heard the boy one day, began hearing from the people of Makkah, Muhammad al-Amin peace be upon him ..

"Mohammed" who says that God sent glad tidings and warning. And calling to the worship of one God on Sunday.

When Mecca was branded and become, nor shall they have, in an interview held by only the Prophet, peace and religion, he was a boy Quraish pampered more people listening to this talk.

As it was in spite of his age, decorative boards and seminars, each seminar is keen to be among Musab al-witnesses, that the appearance of elegance and wisdom of his qualities were "Son of Amir that opens hearts and doors to him ..

I have heard as he heard that the Messenger is secure with him, meet away from the curiosity of Quraish and harm .. There are at Safa House in "Arqam bin Abi Arqam" Before long, the frequency, not Altalpt and waiting, but accompanied by the same evening, the Dar al-Arqam preceded Ocoagah and visions ...

There was the Prophet peace be upon him meet his companions Vilo them the Koran, and pray to God with the great Ali.

A little Musab takes place, and the verses flow from the heart of the Apostle consisting on his lips, and then taking way to the ears and hearts, so was the son of Amir Fuad at the heart of the evening is promised ..!

We have almost glee Takala of the place, like a joy to fly.

But the Prophet peace be upon him to extend his right glove touched the glowing chest, and the heart of spectacular vision, was quiet deep ocean depth .. In the twinkling of an eye was the boy who seems safer and more peaceful and with the wisdom of more than twice the age-old, along with the design that would change the course of time ..!!!

Musab's mother, "daughter Khanas owner" have the force of unique in character, and the fear of fear to a certain extent ..

Musab was not until hand over to cautions or fear on the planet force only his mother.

If that Mecca but idols and honorable and fierce, and sounded horrible Iqarah Issarah, to despise Musab al-pending ..

The hostility of his mother, this is the unbearable horror ..!

He thought quickly and decided to conceal his conversion to Islam until he has notice.

Remained reluctant to Dar al-Arqam, and sits to the Messenger of God peace be upon him, which is soundly faith, and Ptvade angered his mother, who does not know about Islam news ..

But Mecca in those days in particular, is well known the secret, Fieon Quraish and ears on all the way through, and behind every footprint over the soft sand, blazing, Alouachip ..

I saw him, "Othman bin Talha" as he entered the Dar al-Arqam following are hidden .. And then saw him again he prayed Kslap Muhammad peace be upon him, the desert wind Fassabak Zwabaha, reach out to the mother Musab, where he gave them the news that flew Beswabha ...

Musab and stop in front of his mother, and his clan, and the supervision of Mecca gathered around him read them in the right sure he trusts in the Koran, which washes the Apostle their hearts, and filled with the wisdom and honor, and justice and piety.

Himmat and his mother to Tskth Bltmp harsh, but the hand that spread like arrows, it soon stretched and staggered in front of the light which has increased and toxic face splendor and majesty impose respect, and peaceful persuasion imposed ..

However, if his mother was under the pressure of her maternity Stafeeh of beatings and abuse, it is in their ability to avenge the gods abandoned for a different way ..

So went him to a remote corner of the pillars of her house, and imprisoned him in, and tightened it to close, remained dependent on his cell to another, even some believers out migrants to Abyssinia, Vahtal for himself when he heard the news, oblivious of his mother and his guards, and went to Abyssinia immigrants Owaba ..

Balhabcp will stay with his fellow immigrants, and then return with them to Mecca, and then migrate to Abyssinia for the second time with friends who are instructed by the Apostle migration Vaition.

But whether or Musab Balhabcp in Mecca, the experience of faith in exercising its superiority in every place and time, and I have completed the reformulation of his life on the new format, which gave them Mohammed model chosen, and was reassured that his life Musab has become worthy of offering to the maker is made up, and the Great Creator ..

Went out one day on some of the Muslims who are sitting around the Messenger of Allah, what if Besroa until Hnoa their heads and turning a blind eye and shed some tears Cjia eyes ..

That they saw him .. Wearing a robe Mrqa obsolete and Aodthm image first before his conversion to Islam, when his clothes, succulent flowers of the garden, and the radiance and fragrance ..

Dictate the Messenger of Allah thronged news crews watch, wise, grateful love, and starred solemn smile on his lips, and said:

"I saw Massaba this, and Mecca boy when his parents blessed him, and then leave it all for love of God and His Messenger."!!

I stopped him while his mother despaired of apostasy, all was overflowing from grace .. She refused to eat her food of the gods and humans abandoned afflicted by the curse, even if this man is her son ..!!

Along the same is done while the murdered each of the use by the detention ..

It is an intention to learn if they are ratified and determination, Vodath tears, and tears Odaha ..

Revealed the moment of farewell from the insistence of wondrous disbelief on the part of the mother and the insistence of the largest faith by Son .. When she told him the graduation of her house: Go to your business, you no longer either. Approached them and said: "O mother, I mentor you, and you kind-hearted, Vashahdi there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger" ...

Answered with an angry agitated: "section Balthoaqub, do not enter in your religion, Wesery my opinion, and weakens the mental "..!!

And out of grace Musab al-leafy, which was home to an influential Alczv and want .. And became a boy dude flavor, but did not see wearing coarse clothes, eating days, and starved for days, but his soul dude HH creed, and radiant light of God, had made him someone else fills the eyes, the dignity and magnificence won ...

Back then, the Apostle chosen by the greatest task in a timely manner: to be ambassador to the city, understands the supporters who believe and had acknowledged the Prophet at Aqaba, and enter others in the religion of God, and is the city on the Great Migration ..

The companions of the Messenger of God from that day are older than him and more prestige, and the earliest of the Apostle about .. But the Prophet chose Musab good, he knows that the most serious tire issues, and he throws his hands the fate of Islam in the city which will house Immigration, and the starting point of advocacy and preachers, missionaries and invaders, after a while of time soon ..

Carried Musab Secretariat including using God blessed him of strength of mind and generous of creation, and I have conquered the hearts of the city and its people and feeds Bzhdh and dedication, they entered into the religion of Allaah in crowds ..

I came to her on the mission of the Apostle to, not where only a dozen Muslims who had acknowledged allegiance to the Prophet by the obstacle, but it is barely a few months, including even responded to God and the messenger ..!!

In the pilgrimage season to sell the next obstacle, the Muslims of the city sent to Mecca to meet the Prophet and a delegation represented and their representatives .. The number of the membership of seventy-insured and insured .. Came under the leadership of their teacher and the envoy of their Prophet to them "Musab Ibn Amir."

We have proved "Musab" Bugeasth and good Blaih that the Messenger of God peace be upon him who knew how to choose ..

We have to understand Musab al-letter and ending at its borders. Knew that it was calling to God, and the missionary religion which calls people to guidance, and to a Straight Path. And that a UNODC who believed in him, not only has the author ..

There rose in the hospitality, "Asaad bin Zaraarah" come to the tribes together, homes, councils, consequently, what people had been with him from the book Lord, including a phone attached to the great word of God (but God is one) ..

I have been subjected to some situations that could have kill him and those with him, not for the discerning mind, and the greatness of his soul ..

One day surprise was exhorting people, "bin Khudair Acid" Mr. Bani Abd Al Ashhal the city, surprised lance wielding glow angry and frustrated with this very charming his people from their religion .. And invite them to abandon their gods, and speaks of one God did not know before, was already familiar with it ..!

The gods with them in the parked Mjatmha and if I need one knew its place and the Crown, seeking his face to it, reveals Durah, meet prayed ... So think and imagine ..

The God of Mohammed, who invite them to name the incoming ambassador to them, there is no one knows his place, and no one can see it ..!!

Once the Muslims who used to share meetings Massaba by acid Ibn Hazair Matuszha Almtlzi angry, restless, and his revolution, even Geloa .. But good Musab remained constant depositary, excitedly ..

Acid stop in front of him agitated, he speaks to him is the happiest bin Zaraarah:

"What you guys came to our neighborhood, Tsevan Dafana ..? Atzlana, If you are a do not want to get out of life "..!!

In such calm sea and its ..

In the light of dawn, such exhilaration and Odaath .. Brightened lineament Musab good and speak good move his tongue and said:

"First sitting is hearing ..?! The chosen ordered accepted .. but hated Kvva you what you hate."

God is great. What most spectacular from the beginning of the happy conclusion ..!!

Areeba acid was a man of sound mind .. Here it is, see Massaba invoked with him to his conscience, makes him to hear and nothing .. Is satisfied, he left to his conviction but was not convinced to leave their neighborhood and Musab al-clan, and transferred to another district and tribe or other non-harmful cons ..

There is acid replied, saying: redress for .. Lance and threw to the ground and sat listening ..

Musab had barely read the Koran, and explains the call came from the Mohammed bin Abdullah, peace be upon him, so I took a shine lineament acid and shines .. And change with the locations of speech, and are of beauty ..!!

Had barely Musab voiding of his speech even chanted by Mr. Ben seedlings and including him saying:

"What is the best this saying, and believe it .. how to make those who want to enter into this religion "..??

Their answer was Pthlilp the earth is requested, and then said to him Musab:

"Cleanse his clothes and body, and not see God but God."

Acid, he lost them and then returned a few drips of water purification of the hair of his head, and announced that it would stop not see God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah ..

News, Sri Kaldu .. The Saad bin Maaz Vosgy to Musab, and satisfied, the safest, followed by Saad bin worship, and grace was being Muslims, people of the city and accept each other wondering: If Mr. Ben seedlings, and Saad bin Maaz, Saad bin worship had become Muslim, Vfim being left behind ..? Come to Musab, Flanwmn with him, they are talking to the right out of the nappy ..!!

The first successful ambassadors of the Prophet peace be upon him was a huge success .. Success is his people, and its worth ..

And go days and years, and the Prophet and his companions migrated to the city, and the Quraish Taatlmaz Bohakadha .. The number of falsehoods, to continue to hunt unjust to the slaves of God's righteous .. The battle of Badr, Kitlqon lesson to the rest of the cases they lose their senses and seek revenge, and come .. Battle of Uhud And mobilize the Muslims themselves, and stands the Prophet peace be upon him amid their ranks unlocked Itafrs faces to choose from who holds a banner .. And calls Musab al-Khair, and holds Vikdm Brigade ..

And Chubb terrible fight, and fighting has intensified, and violates the shooters is the Prophet, peace, and leave their position at the top of the mountain after seeing infidels withdraw Menhzmin, but their work, it quickly turns to defeat the Muslim victory .. He was surprised by the Muslims Quraish Tgshahm horsemen of the highest mountain, and working them off guard, swords thirsty crazy ..

When they saw the chaos and panic among the Muslims, focused on the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to Inaloh ..

I realize Musab Bin Omair insidious danger, Major-General raised high, and fired the opening Kalzier, and went on touring and Etwathb .. All his concern that the attention of the enemy and distract them from the Prophet peace be upon him himself, and stripped of the same army as a whole .. Yes, gold Musab fight alone like an army, noisy retinue prolific ..

Hand holding a banner in reverence ..

Lloyd hit the sword in Anfsan ..

But the enemies reproduce it, they want to cross over to where his body was throwing Messenger ..

Let us witness describes the scene in the life of conclusion Musab great ..!!

Ibn Sa'd says: Tell us Ibrahim bin Mohammed bin Sharhabil'Abdari, his father said:

[Download Musab Bin Omair Brigade on one, when he toured the Muslims proved by Musab, Qmiip son turned to a knight, smote him on the right hand and refrained from accepting, and Mus'ab said: And the Messenger Muhammad to have been emptied of the Apostles before him ..

Major General and took his left hand and Hanna him, struck his left hand and refrained from accepting, Vhna both the brigade and attached to his chest Beddi he says: What the Messenger Muhammad to have been emptied of the Apostles before him ..

Then he was criticized by the third spear Vonfzh Ondq and javelin, and signed Musab, and fell Brigade].

Signed Musab al .. And fell Brigade ..!!

Ornament signed certificate, the martyrs and the planet ..!!

Occurring after that fought in the great battle unafraid of redemption and faith ..

Who would have thought that if it falls, it would by the killers to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him free of defenders and protectors ..

But it was the same attribute in the Messenger of Allaah be upon him blessings and peace of excessive love him and fear him when he went on to say with all the sword-stroke arm uproot it:

(And only the Messenger Muhammad have been emptied before the Apostles)

This verse of Revelation will come down later repeated, and complements, and makes it, recited the Quran .

After bitter battle, he found his body lying governance, and hid his face in the dust of the earth Alamadmk pure blood ..

To, as if afraid to see the dead body of a Messenger of God He got bad, Vokhvy face so as not to see this, which Ihadhirh and fear ..!!

Or ashamed if it fell a martyr before to assure survival of the Messenger of God, and before it leads to the end and obligation to protect and defend it ..!!

Oh God you Musab al .. You remember the fragrance of life ..!!

The Prophet and his companions were inspecting the battlefield and placed martyrs ..

When the body of Musab, shed tears and rain faithful ..

Khabab art-bin says:

[Emigrated with the Messenger of God peace be upon him for the sake of God, Meet the face of God, so we have to God, keep us .. Our mouth from the past, did not eat the reward in this world nothing, including Musab bin Omair, was killed on Sun .. There is not nothing but a shroud yarns .. We used to put it on the head with bared legs, and if we put on his feet came the head, told us that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "Adjaloha following his head, and make the legs from the plant Alizkr "..]..

In spite of the pain caused by the deep sad رزء Prophet peace be upon him in his uncle Hamza, and the representation of the idolaters Ijosmanh representative elaborated tears Prophet peace be upon him, and his heart was hurting ..

Although the battlefield is full of the bodies of his companions and friends, who each one of them is to have a world of honesty, purity and light ..
Despite all this, he stood at the body of the first ambassadors, and deposited Inaah ..

For .. Stop the Prophet peace be upon him when Musab Bin Omair said, his eyes Tlfanah Bziaihma and tenderness and Ovaihma:

(From the believers are men true to what God was pledged)

Then, the look on in anguish as apostate by the shroud and said I saw you in Makkah, and the thinner the suit, and the best wig you. "Then a Hoont Shaath, the head in the impermeable "..?!

Shouted the Prophet peace be upon him and sought his views have compassion on the battlefield with all its comrades Musab and said:

"The Messenger of Allah bears witness that you are martyrs on the Day of Resurrection."

Then he turned to his companions neighborhoods around and said:

"O people Zorohm, and illusions, and handed over to them, Whose hand is my soul, do not deliver them to the Muslim Day of Resurrection, but responded peace be upon him" ..

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Thanks Noora for sharing

but I already posted a topic which deals with islamic personalities

and Musaab ibn Omayr was included there


God bless you my sister

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thank you sister for this topic about great islamic figure, Musab Bin Omayr

but to say the truth I felt confused while reading some of the paragraphs and sentences
as they are vague and inconsistent

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وربي يعطيك العافيه!!!!
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